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Hello! Welcome to My Food Blog at the Farm!


For anyone who doesn't know me, My name is Kadi! My husband and I stay very busy here at the farm and with our fulltime working careers. However, I also spend a lot of time in the kitchen. More notably, thanks to my best friend Heather, "Kadi's Kitchen" where I can "solemnly swear that my cooking's so good!" If you are not a Harry Potter fan, then that may have gone right past you. If you are, then you understand how awesome a gift this was to receive on a cutting board. Combining my love for Harry Potter and my love for cooking all in one!

So with the opportunity for blogging via our farm website we thought again..."why not?" That seems to be a common theme for us here at the farm. I have many people ask me for recipes (I never measure or follow recipes...I experiment), or for more details on what I used for some of my dishes, etc. I think this will be a perfect place to allow some people, who are interested, to follow along on my cooking journey at the farm. I will do my best to start keeping track of what I do in the kitchen to relay it back to you in hopes you can recreate some of my dishes or your own version of them at your home too!

Some of my prior dishes. These are aimed to follow a guidance plan from Kym Campbell's website for hormonal imbalance or anti-inflammatory eating.

My current food plan follows a fairly healthy list of items and tries to cut out gluten, dairy (except butter/ghee are ok), added sugars, white starches (rice, potatoes) and inflammatory oils( canola, vegetable, seed oils, etc). Some items are almost from scratch and some items are healthier pre made items for quick add ins on busy nights. However, feel free to ask me what items you might use instead if you are not following my food plan. I used to cook "normal" before this so hopefully I can help with that as well!

Stay Tuned!

Whether you are a friend, family member or maybe even someone completely new! Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my first food blog post for "Kadi's Kitchen". In the coming months I will be adding more posts and I hope you can find a few dishes you like. Maybe even add them to your own repertoire.

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